What does it take to be a good writer?

It takes time to be a good writer. If you want to be a good one then all you need to have is passion, patience, and persistence.

1. Passion. If you love writing, keep moving. Sway your thoughts into something good. Feel all the rhythm that you can feel around you. Create different products from your imagination. Make sure that you enjoy every second in writing. Make all your time worth while.

2. Patience. A good writer doesn’t need to have many readers. As long as he believes in the magic of her words, no one can stop him from writing. Complements are good but this must not be a motivation to keep on writing.

3. Persistence. Have the guts to keep on writing. Love feedbacks but do not rely to them. Have your self enjoyed the benefits of being a writer.

A lot of rules are suggested on web on how to be a good writer but if you know to yourself that you love writing, you must know how  to deal with it.


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