5 Things to Do to Deal with Stress.

It’s ironic that no matter how I tell people to be happy, I always ended up being sad. Here are some things that I usually do every time I’m sad.

  1. Write. I used to write stories, poems, articles, or any kind of writing that would help me release my emotions, thoughts, and ideas. I need an outlet to express my feelings that’s why I do always make sure to have a piece of any kind of paper when I’m sad. I even write inside a jeepney or a tricycle. Wait, this blog is also a product of my mixed emotions. Teehee!
  2. Draw. Even though mu drawings are plainly abstract, this is one of my ways to cope up with stress. It’s not so easy to be problematic, right? That’s why, even I am not in good terms with my crayons and pencils, I still use them as a medium whenever I’m lonely.
  3. Listen to Music. I almost raped YT by playing Boyce Avenue songs repeatedly! Yes. In this way, I can still manage my sadness. (manage?) Anyway, I appreciate the songs more when I’m really emotional. Their melodies and rhythm make me wanna sleep all day and forget all about my problems. You too can choose which kind of song to listen. 🙂
  4. Take Pictures. I don’t have any SLR cameras, but still I bring my sister’s camera with me. I take pictures that I think are artistic or even those which are weird. Trees and its leaves are so refreshing and very cool for me. They are my favorite subject. How about yours?
  5. Pray. For those who are believers, always give Him a time to thank Him. He has a plan for us no matter what happens. Trust Him. Let us fully trust Him.

I almost write this post in Filipino. But, I believe that I can write this one in English. Forget the grammar please. Love the message. Plus, I really have this mission in life to make people SMILE. But, it’s quite ironic that I, myself, am not used in smiling. Anyway, He’ll help me, right?

Keep happy and stay strong amazing people! By the way, I’m posting some works of mine here. 🙂 So. here’s a sample.


I drew this one Sunday Night. When I am alone and unhappy. 😦 But, sooner I’ll be okay.


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