Loving The Nature. Sky. Clouds. Trees.

One of the refreshing things that I do is to look up to the sky. For me, the colors and simplicity of it makes it more beautiful. Nature has been a part of my relaxation whenever I feel sad. That’s why, whenever I have time, I make sure to capture every moment of it.


1. The first picture was taken at our church. This mango tree always make me feel good about life. I love how it faces the changes that happen to our community as well. It only proves that being still is trusting in God’s will.

2. This picture was taken during one of my “gala” with my friend, Shiela. This is a simple shot of a sunset. What makes this one weird, there is no sun or any images of it on this picture. I just love the color of it.


3. I don’t know what kind of tree is this. But, this one is taken during our tree planting session last summer. This is one of the trees that will be guiding the little seeds we’ve planted.


4. Taken at Teresa Rizal where my Mom lives. I love the formation of the clouds here which seems to be causing rain. The roofs of the houses are  owned by the persons who live their of course.

These simple pictures make me appreciate nature more. Whatever happens, I must be always still and believe in His will. God has a plan and I believe the nature is living on that purpose. No matter what happen, life is still enjoyable.


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