Why Wrpy?

As I said to my previous post, one of the  things that I do when I’m stressed/sad/lonely/emo ( Yes, I treat these words with the same meaning. ) is to write. Aside from creating short stories, blogging is also my simple way to express my emotions. I don’t know if I can be considered as a blogger because I just started blogging last June. By the way, it’s my third month as a newbie here \o/ Anyway, in my third month of being a WordPress member, I really found this site a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Wanna know why?

  1. Aside for my best friends and web-friends, nobody knows what I post here in wordpress. I still have my quality time with my post and I’m loving it. ^o^ I love what I’m doing without too many people intriguing me. :<
  2. WordPress’ bloggers are so friendly. They make me smile whenever they like my nonsense post. I love and appreciate their cute ways of saying they like my work. Although I’m just a day-old here, I find it amazing that there are people who would spend their time liking my work. (makes me cry. :'()
  3. WordPress theme, settings, widgets, and etc. are so easy to manage. In fact, it took me only few hours to master theme designing in WordPress. 🙂

Nuff said. WordPress is a good site for those people who want to post their “whatevers” without too many people/kakilala knowing it. I am really happy that I’ve found this site. Now, I can share my works in easy and simple way. 🙂


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