Appreciate and Understand

Life maybe difficult. Yes, it is full of ups and downs. Challenges are always on the way. But, if we only try to look at it at different perspective, then we will surely love living life. 

Appreciate. It is seeing things despite of its certain difficulty. For example, a simple fight. It can be appreciated for there are certain lessons that can be derived from it. Appreciation is seeing things in a different way. A job not well done can still be good if the effort made by the doer is appreciated. It’s just a matter of appreciation. I maybe redundant in using the word appreciate but it’s the only word that can be used to love life more.

Understand. Learn to empathize and to sympathize with other’s feelings. The more your understand them, the more you will discover the good sides of them. “Minsan, mas maiiging maging mabait, kesa maging tama.”  Don’t stress yourself with the things that aren’t essential. Pointless things must be disregarded. Rumors must be ignored too because people are always people.

My reflections for tonight. I hope it help you too guys! Keep safe everyone. You are loved.


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