How to make a good scrap book?

Since you have decided to make a scrap book for whatsoever reason you have, you should try reading my suggestions on how to make the best scrapbook.

Creating a scrap book doesn’t need expensive materials. By just simply looking around your room/house, you can already find stuffs that would be perfect for your scrapbook.

Let me share you some tips on how to make one. I hope these tips can help.

1. Be resourceful. Search for the items that is already available in your home. Cross stitch thread, or simply flowers on your garden can be used in your scrapbook.

2. Be creative.  Do not limit yourself with what is usual. Try creating new style of fashion that will suit your taste. Remember that your scrapbook is definitely based on your taste.

3. Be YOU. Add personal touch to your work. A scrapbook is always at its best when it is produced with hard work and passion. Always try to please your senses when you are making your scrapbook. It’s yours, by the way.

Let me now share the materials that I used on my portfolio for one of my subjects. As I said, it is supposed to be a simple portfolio, but since our teacher told us to do whatever we want, I make it a scrapbook instead.

The buttons and the cute fabric-grass-like orange stuff over it make this part of my scrapbook good. Plus, the paper cord that I turned into a heart.

 These roses are made out of ribbons that I got from the box of the cake we had. These were made by my grandmother and I just found them on her room. 

These are match sticks and a simple green button that I found somewhere. About the match sticks, I just cut the flame-y part of it.

This is the rose made of ribbon that I’ve put on the dried stuff. The combination of this one is really cute. 🙂

Look at that fabric! This one is from the spare fabrics from my lola’s dress. It really looked nice when I turned it into a ribbon. 🙂

This whatever material is really useful to me. I had used this on my scrapbook several times. You too can avail it on NBS. This will be a big help. All you need to do is to be creative. 😉

These little stuffs are hanging in my scrapbook when opened.

This pearl is also hanging on my scrapbook. This made my scrapbook 3D. Right?

I hope I could get some refreshing grades from my instructor with this portfolio of mine. I spent half day just to complete this one. Uh-huh. Very tiring yet worth-looking at. 😉


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