A Day with Papemelroti

October 8, 2012. Monday. A really ordinary day. A less-energetic me attended her class today. Her eyes were still hurt because of the stye that she has. Her heart was still hurt. Her whole world was really ordinary today. There’s no any thrill that motivated her to do something for herself. But still, she managed to laugh and to socialize with her classmates inside their room. She. Must. Be. Happy. These were the words that she kept on telling herself.

Her classes ended up earlier than she was expecting. So, she decided to go home. But, since she’s lonely, she had decided to go to a mall. (just to justify her longing for a ride in a train today) Then, she went to Sta. Lucia all by herself without any plans of what she would be doing there.

So, she just decided to have some walks around the mall. After some minutes, she saw a Bear stall inside that mall. A cute little bear captured her attention. She immediately looked at it and bought it for herself. She believed that this will somehow save her from her frustrations.

The protagonist of this journey also went to Papemelroti. She spent her time enjoying the wonderful stuffs inside that stalls. The gift items, the boxes, the notebooks, the scrapbooks, the accessories and all of the items there fascinated her. All of the items there are really wonderful. She almost spent an hour inside that store. Then, she decided to be motivated by buying Today’s Advice. She tried this stuff first. She closed her eyes and pointed her finger on it. She laughed because of the message for her. She bought that one and she also had a notebook for herself. She told herself that she will come back to that store because the cheerful ambiance of her store helped her to be okay.

PS. This girl is me. Hahaha. So, I was the one who’s lonely for today. Thanks papemelroti for giving light to my day. The messages on the items are really worthy to be read. Try visiting their store too!


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