Sorsogon Escapade -1

Welcome to SORSOGON CITY! The place where hot sili live! So, my mother, aunt, and I went to Sorsogon City to buy some stuffs needed for the recipe that my grandma needs.

My lola told us that we should speak Bicolano if we want to get discounts. She told us that once seller hears us speak Tagalog, there would be some increase in price. :O This made our team sad, that’s why we decided to jot down some words on a tissue paper.

This means, (How much is this?) “Magkano ang kilo nito?”. The second one means, (Are there no discounts?)  “Wala na pong tawad?”. But, these notes were disregarded because my mom joined our trip. She’s a Bicolana. No more issue with the language. 🙂

These are PILING ILOG. (i-LOG, not I-log as in river.) These will be used to make some sweetened products. So, hello there. These costs a hundred pesos.

These are pili with cover? I dunno the term for this. But, these were pili. (As far as I know). The difference is the covering. Am I right?

The pili inside the jar! Haha. Ready to eat. Yummy! These cost 50-100 pesos.

Souvenirs from BICOL. These were made out of PILI. Haha. Then, printed with some bicol stuffs/drawings like the Mayon Volcano.

Another pasalubong from Bicol. These are tiny fans which have a drawing of Sili on it. These. Are. All. Cute.

The city itself. There are so many malls in the city.

Cathedral of St. Paul and Peter. I don’t remember if this is the right name of the church. I hope I remember it right. This is the huge cathedral found in the middle of Sorsogon City. Our team went inside this church and prayed.

I had a wonderful experience in Bicol esp. in Sorsogon. But, I wasn’t able to buy T-shirts. 😦


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