In the Manger

In the Manger

Away from home, there was a child in the manger.
While everyone was asleep, that child is in peace.
A place where no one goes, that bloom arose.
Waiting for the bloom, there came the cast.

When the sun shone, the flower bloomed.
Never ending miracles, that boy had shown.
But there’s a time that you we’re persecuted,
Died on the cross, where the cast was watching.

The simple rose turned into ashes.
Where no one seems to notice.
I was there too, giving no caress.
I was with the cast who made that bloom lifeless.

The cast were waiting for a spark of hope.
Still, that bloom never gave up, it came back.
I’ve heard millions of stars falling,
And I still see the sun smiling.

Even if I fail, you never give up.
Even if I fail, you still come back.


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