Regina Rosarii in Tanay Rizal

Today, November 30, is a holiday. The whole nation is celebrating the 149th birthday of its very own hero, Gat Andres Bonifacio. I don’t have any classes for today that’s why I was able to come with my churchmates as they spend their planning and outing somewhere in Tanay, Rizal.

The place is called “Regina Rosarii” a Latin word for Queen of Rosary. It is supervised by the Dominican Sisters. I don’t know what particular group do they belong, but I am very sure that they are Dominicans.

From Taytay, the travel took two hours. That was a long trip! I never expected that the place is that far from my hometown. Despite of the strong wind on the windows of jeepney, my hair still managed to be still.

Enough for the introduction. The first thing that you can see in this place is this statue which holds a signage “Welcome to Regina RICA”. RICA is an acronym but I can’t remember it. Sorry. 😡


Before I enter the area proper, this huge statue of Mary welcomed me. I find it really perfect. It is the perfect view before entering the place.


There is a place called HANDONG, an Ilonggo term for KAINAN. There, people will be gathered to hear some orientation from the nun who is incharged there.


The pilgrims may have their snacks in this canteen. All foods here are cooked without the use of meat, and other preservatives. The congregation is promoting vegetarianism. Herbal medicines are sold in this area. Let me just say that the place is very quiet, calm, and very relaxing. If you have already smelled tanglad, well, its aroma are spread inside that area.


Sister, in this photo, is already orienting us about the do’s and do’s inside the place. Remember the 4 P’s? Me, I don’t. But, I know that it’s about being quite in the area. The sanctuary is a place to be respected because it is a place for prayers.


It is refreshing to see and to meet this KAKAHUYAN. It is the Illonggo word which means FOREST. I loved the lines that these trees formed. Uh, nothing, I am just inlove with the nature’s pattern.


After the orientation, we proceeded in climbing the S-TRAIL. It is called such because the trail’s shape is letter “s”. According to the person there, there are 380 steps all in all. What if I missed one step? Does that mean that I only have 379 steps left? I should have asked this question, but then, I remembered the 4 P’s.


The person in blue is our parish priest. He led our path to the mantle of Mother Mary. There are some songs that are playing while we’re walking. Very calm indeed.


We met these sheep on our way. I really find them cute that’s why I took some shots of them.


The lower view of the Regina Rosarii. I feel so blessed after the Mass that was also conducted before we took this photo. Oh no, I was the one who went down stairs for the sake of this photo. Anyway, this is still part of my service.


The good thing is, I still have some shot under the statue. Smile. 🙂


The following are some of the houses that one can stay inside the sanctuary. These houses are for rent if pilgrims want to have quality time on their stay.




These are the wind chimes hanged in the area where we stayed. They look vintage that’s why  I took some photo of them. They’re cute, aren’t they? 😉


Last view of Regina Rosarii.


This is the souvenir  from the sanctuary. It is a prayer booklet.


Visit the sanctuary. They are not open for pilgrims during Tuesday. The nuns and the workers are in silent mode. I mean, they need also time for their reflections.


I enjoyed this day. Thanks to those people who invited me to come with them. I pray for more pilgrimage. Btw, I have lots of intention for today. But, in my mind, I offered a green candle.


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