The Perks of Being an Educator

I’m currently taking up Bachelor in Education, Major in English. I am now in my Third year and now, my group and I are conducting a research paper as a requirement. Our topic is about grammar competence and we have decided to choose my Alma Mater as the source of respondents.

Our questionnaire included a series of questions that focus on past and past participle forms of the verbs. When I was roaming around the classroom, a peculiar student caught my attention. Almost forty minutes had passed, and yet he only answered half of the entire questions. I was not shocked, knowing that section isn’t the first one. I was not surprised, too. Instead,  I cheered up that boy by telling him that he can answer the questions easily.

I gave him clues, (although this should not be done. lol). I told him some statements that can help him in answering the question, at least, 3/4 of the exam.

Guess what. He. Knew. The. Answer. But, he just kept on saying that he knew nothing and he didn’t want to know something because he won’t be entering college next school year.

I told him not to feel sad for himself. The fact that he won’t enter college doesn’t mean that he should not learn anymore. I also told him that intelligence is not only manifested in examination’s results. Hah! My brain almost got drained cheering him up. I just hope that I had cheered him up properly.

Of course, going back to my school involves extraordinary feelings. Extraordinary, in a sense that I am already stepping on our school grounds as an Education major, not as a high school student anymore. I was reminded that a year from now, I’ll become a teacher, and being an educator is one of the most lovely course that I could ever think of.

You know what, after stepping on one of our classrooms’ floor, I now see myself as an educator someday. 🙂


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