Look up.

When I was traveling, these little scenes captured my attention. To look up in the sky is one of the things that makes me feel relax. The nature really offers the world its best even if humans, like me, fail to recognize it.

This shot was taken at Taytay New Public Market. Please observe the formation of clouds on this photo. Isn’t it lovely? Of course,  they are lovely. The two cute clouds on enormous white clouds. Perfect combination.


If you’ve been my reader, then you would know where this tree is. This mango tree is inside our parish. I really find it amazing whenever its green leaves complemented with the blue sky on high. The natural color combination makes me love thy tree the most.429529_515764741775366_1964973998_n

I am not a professional photographer, but when I take some shots, I make it sure that it’s taken by my heart. 🙂


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