That Killer Bill


“Voting YES for RH Bill doesn’t make me a less Catholic,” says a congressman in the second hearing for the RH Bill yesterday. Upon hearing this, I was quite confused. Is he sure on what he just said? Does voting for a yes for RH Bill won’t make him a less Catholic?

Last night, I made myself in touch on what happens on the hearing about this bill. I prayed a lot because upon hearing lawmakers’ YES, my heart beats fast. I am against this bill but I am not for ignorance. Many people would dare to say that they chose this bill to be passed because they want to end ignorance. Seriously?

At the end of the day, 113 voted YES for RH Bill. Sad, but true. But still, I respect their decisions. At least, there are some amendments regarding this bill. I just pray that this bill will do good for the whole nation.

I did my part. It’s time for them to do theirs.


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