2:14 AM

It’s already 2:14 am here and I’m still wide awake. I’ve just written all the articles needed to be submitted today. My hands hurt, and my fingers’ tip almost eat my laptop’s keyboard.

I’ve finished 15 articles of 350 words for 3 hours. My goodness! I never thought that I would reach this limit. I am used to procrastination, but when my boss told me to submit these stuffs at this date, heyah. I crammed.

I started at 11:00pm and ended at 2:30pm. Sounds great, for an evening person like me. But, I really find it hard to deal with my sleepy eyes and body. What made me go for tonight is just a cup of coffee and this undying enthusiasm to work.

The good thing is, I have learned some lessons for this day. Now, I know how to give importance to the value of time. Time is precious. What can be done at the moment must be done. This will prevent me from cramming. However, it’s ironic, that even though I’m cramming, I am still sure that I still do good.

Anyway, I also appreciated those people who are still working at this very moment. Maybe, for them, it is normal to stay awake at this time. But then, facing computers at the moment seems to be a hard task. Heyah, especially those who are working in call centers.

Now, I imagined how hard it is to be one of them. Earning money early in the morning is hard. But, this hardship can easily fade by the inspiration from those people around us.


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