My First Post for the First Day of 2013

Please bear with me if I’ll be posting another Happy-New-Year post on my blog. It’s just so true and I love repeating it again and again.

We had a good celebration of New Year’s Eve last night even though the special persons in my life are not around. Anyway, I managed to welcome the new year with a smile on my face while facing the computer. I also watched the kids outside our house while they were dancing. Some viewers threw paper moneys to them as if those bills are not money at all. My goodness. Moreover, we also had exchange gifts last night. I received three owly gifts! :’>

IMG_0134These are just so adorable. Can’t help myself from staring at them for the whole time. :’> These are owl ring, owl key chain, and owl earrings–I won’t wear this. Promise.

I slept super late. Then, woke up to attend the Mass. I hear Mass with my grandmother. I also reviewed our thesis for preparation for our pre-oral on Friday. I do pray for good grades/outcomes for this.

Today is the first page for another year. I pray that this day is the start of a new beginning in my life. I pray for more blessings and less stress.

Btw, my New Year’s Resolution for this year?

  1. Less hate, more love and appreciation.
  2. I will do my best to avoid procrastination.
  3. Emotions… Oh emotions… I have to deal with you.

Hello New Year. I will choose to be happy! Yeah. \m/


If the world seems too heavy to carry on, look up.

-Lee Miyaki


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