A Task Worth Doing

Pinag-isipan ko pa kung gagawin ko talaga ito o hindi. Pero sa huli, ginawa ko pa rin. 🙂


Today, I went to my mother’s house in Antipolo City. Somewhere in Teresa, to be exact. The roads are too stiff. ‘Yung lugar pa nila eh may daan na mapapadasal ka ng: “Lord, kung mamamatay na po ako, ‘wag naman po ngayon.” Dahil sobrang bundok na ng lugar na pinuntahan ko. 



This is the way going there. In fact.  I struggled while taking this photo. It was a challenge though. Apologies for the unlikely photos. I forgot to bring my camera ‘coz I’m in a hurry.



The emotions from this picture is timeless. I don’t praise this one just because I was the one who took this, but because the feelings, expressions, made by the tree and the sky are just so perfect.

Then, we had some chit-chats when I reached there. Doing this thing is worth doing. We haven’t seen each other last Christmas and New Year; thus this one is one of my courageous acts this 2013.



One of the natural scenes that I won’t get tired of taking pictures at is this sunset. I found this scene on my way home. I only used my phone’s camera. Huhu. Poor me.


Page 7 of 365 is up. Looking forward for a great day tomorrow.



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