On being happy

Happiness is such a broad word to be defined. It cannot be even defined by millions of words from the billions of people here in the world. Searching for happiness is indeed natural and innate to a man. Living life is always directed to one’s happiness. Of course, who doesn’t want to be happy anyway? All of us want and need to be happy. All of us are seeking it. But, do we really know what we are looking for?

I am one of the six billion people here in the world who’s looking for happiness. I’ve searched it since my birth. By receiving gifts from others, as a kid, I believe this is already happiness. It’s my simple happiness that is always present in my life. However, as time goes by, my definition of happiness has changed. Happiness, when I was in middle school, maybe defined as a recognition received in the academe. It may be seen in the form of medals during Recognition Day. Might as well, it can be also in form of money received from some people around me. As a teenager, I have loved this kind of situations. It makes me happy. This has been my happiness.

Another years have passed by. I am now in college. Third year to be exact. Now, my meaning for happiness has changed. It totally changed. From the recognition and appreciation I received from my environment, it has changed into the love and care that I received from them. Happiness, on the other hand, is defined in its simplest form. It is always seen! It is always present. It is truly everywhere.

After contemplating on these things for the past few days, I have realized that happiness is in the form of waking up in the morning, seeing the sun shines, listening to lovely birds chirping on the sky, and having an opportunity to appreciate these things. Happiness is the simplest simple thing here on earth. As long as one lives, it is happiness.

Happiness, for me, is a matter of appreciation on the things around us.


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