Look Up!

Sometimes, searching for happiness happens to be one of our least priorities in life. We, as a people full of dreams, just concentrate on the things which we believe will make us happy. Just like me–an ordinary girl living for her dreams and living her entire life searching for it–Sometimes, I forget that there are things in my life that gives me happiness. The only problem I have is the lack of appreciation.

Whenever I’m on my way to school, these are the things which I see before passing the highway of Ramon Magsaysay Extension. These maybe just common posts, electrical wires, or even the usual LRT2. But, the clouds on this photo is somehow different. They seem to be feathers hung up on the sky. If I am powerful enough to reach them, I would. But as of now, the only thing that I could do is to look upon them.

Just like my dreams. As of now, I maybe far away from them. But still, I strongly believe that all things are possible with God. The fact that I’ve already dreamed of my dream makes this dream come true.

Someday, I can be someone. 🙂Image


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