When I was in high school, receiving recognition is a great thing that matters for me. Competition among my classmates is present. I must be always on the top. Top. Top. But then, after I finished my basic education, recognition, as well as positions in organizations, does not matter to me. All I wanted is to have a simple life.

Being recognized can be something that I should be proud of. This way, I am truly paying tribute to the long hours of staying awake just to do some school stuffs. By means of recognition, I can feel that I am somehow, “Smart” (just as what do other people think whenever they saw photos of medals on Facebook).

But for me, having such papers, certificates, or medals is not important. As long as I love what I am doing, it is more that enough. I do not care if I will be just an ordinary girl walking the streets. Being unknown is a great opportunity to discover myself more. With this, I have more time to find what I really wanted in life.

Hey. Hi. I still want to congratulate myself for forcing me to apply for that recognition. Fuuuuhhhh!

Minsan, nakakasawa rin palang makatanggap ng recognition kasi kung ako ‘yung hindi nakatanggap, parang madedegrade ko lang ang sarili ko (which I do not like). Okay na ko sa grades, bonus na lang ‘yung susunod pa run.


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