Mt. Tagapo Experience :D


Hiking is not one of my hobbies. I do walk, but not hike. I walking is already exhausting for me, how much more is hiking? Oh my goodness.

Last Friday, we went to Mt. Tagapo to unwind. With my Youth Ministry friends, I decided to add an extra mile to my uhmm… experience? Maybe because, I’m inlove with challenges and adventure that’s why I decided to go there. I really want to experience climbing Mt. Tagapo.

Before I anything else, I was first upset because my guardian doesn’t want me to come. I believe she’s worried about me; however, I know that I can already handle this trip. I believe that I am already grown up to support myself. Huhuhu. Before we met, I discovered that cooking rice is one of my talent. 😀 Imagine, I was able to cook a perfect rice–with no toasted part. Good job for me, isn’t it? 🙂

IMG_2582This is the photo in Pritil, Binangonan, Rizal. Before proceeding to Talim Island, one must ride a boat first. The fare is P30.00 only. However, riding there is not always convenient. The boats have their schedule, that’s why if someone plans to go there, he must be aware of that schedule. In our case, we took a ride at 6:00 in the morning. Here’s our group picture before we ride the boat. 🙂

IMG_2591While we are on the boat, we did see a lot of things. Li’l islands, birds, the sun, the clouds, and some ‘palaisdaan’ out there. :3 This is a very great view. I do love staring at these stuffs all the time.


This is inside the Baranggay Hall of Brgy. Janosa which is near Mt. Tagapo. Before hiking, the groups must write their names first on the log book. They do this so that if something bad happens, the baranggay will be able to know who are the persons involved.


After signing up to the log book, we prayed at the nearby parish. This photo is taken inside their chapel. I suggest every hikers to pray first because climbing a mountain is not a joke.



It seems that my friends are happy while walking. But beware, we really are tired after these exhaustive walks. Huhuhu.


Nature. Trees. Sun. Sky. Clouds. I never get tired of looking at these amazing gifts from God. The nature itself offers the people all the best. However, we, mankind, sometimes fail to appreciate the blessings that they give. FYI. The nature had made itself free for everyone.


The view while we’re still on our way up. Yay! This view makes our effort worthy. I do love this experience.


See? I love this view. Definitely. But, forgive me if I won’t go back to Mt. Tagapo. 😦


This is the peak of Mt. Tagapo. We went their though we stayed and put our camp far from it. I can stay that the path going there is really ‘matirik’. I even brought a bamboo stick because of this.

IMG_2809Here are we! Yahooo! We made it! We went at the peak of this mountain. With my friends, I believe that with God, nothing is impossible!

Climbing this mountain made me realize lots of things. I’ve learned how to simple. That in life, the lesser things you have, the simpler and happier you will be. Life is a journey like climbing this mountain. If you have lots of things at your back, it would be hard for you to walk. My feet almost forget how to walk because of the tiredness that I had. But thank God, I’ve learned how to carry these burdens by myself.

FYI. After we reached the top, we just sit anywhere. We do not care if some mud will stick on our back. All we want to do is to get our feet relaxed! Wew! This was a tiring experience, and I’ve learned that challenges are REALLY normal. There are times that I want to give up. But then, I did know that the best way to cope with it is to continue walking. Stopovers are normal. In fact, we did this many times. But, these stopovers helped us to continue walking. 🙂 I just love how my favorite motto is applicable for me. Life is a journey; stopovers are normal. 🙂

I thank you Lord for giving me an opportunity to be at this place. 🙂 Thank You! I praise You!


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