Acceptance: Secret of Moving On

The only way to forget and move on is to accept everything. Acceptance seems to be the least thing to be noticed after break-ups because it’s just an ideal thing to do. Not all people who have experienced being broken can easily accept everything. Neither the best adviser in the world can make someone feel good. In fact, not all people can see the good side of break-ups. What’s worst is they only see the saddest phase in their life—and its being broken.

I’ve seen many break-ups in my life. My parents have separated. Most of my relatives are also separated with their partners. I mean, break-ups seems to be usual thing to happen. It just happens. But then, I always get hurt whenever I see situations like this. Like last week, my friend is really sad about herself. She seems so depressed and frustrated about breaking up with her partner. I feel so sad for her. The only thing that I can do is to sympathize with her. I could not afford to say, “Hey. Everything’s going to be okay. Everything happens for a reason. That’s okay.” Of course, I won’t say these words to a friend who has just suffered extreme frustration in life. Sometimes, I just need to shut my mouth and listen to whatever she says. A friend needs someone to lean on, literally, for her to recover. But then, being a good friend is not my point here. My point is, break-ups are normal. It happens.

After break-ups, what’s next? Whenever I see sad people, I wanted to shout at them and tell, “Live your life! Life is not just about having a relationship with someone. You have your life. Cherish it!” But then, I do understand that there are people who becomes illogical once they fall in love. They could not be the same rational people they were before. And this is because of love. I can’t blame them. I once experienced the same thing before. But then, being stocked up with depression and sadness won’t help. In fact, it will just ruin your life. The next thing to do after break up is to move on.

Sometimes, moving on takes forever to be done. Some people may not be aware what real moving on is. Moving on is not simply about forgetting. It’s about building yourself again. It’s cheering yourself up. As I mentioned earlier, break-ups are normal. Deal with it. So as move on, don’t just deal with it. Do it. It’s not hard as long as you are willing to be back in your normal self again. Life, can be rude sometimes, but this does not mean you have to be rude to yourself. You are the only person who can fix yourself. You are the only one who could help yourself. Convince yourself that you are always worthy to be loved and you always deserve better. Sometimes, break-ups are new doors for opportunities. You just have to see the brighter side.

Accept that everything just happens—including break-ups. It’s not your fault if some unworthy person broke up with you. It’s his! You should not blame yourself forever. You could just accept what just happened. You cannot forget if you won’t accept. Just like forgiving, you could not say that you could forgive someone if you do not forget what he has done. Hence, accept the things that happened. If you think there are things which need to be fixed, then go and fix it. Your fate does not depend on someone. It depends on you.

Being strong after break-up is your choice. Don’t let other people ruin your life. Live life and cherish it.


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