Alice in Wonderland Movie (Review)

This is another ASDFGHJKL movie created by Disney. Everything is just so awesome. Even in my sleep, I could not forget what happened. It seems that Wonderland is definitely true!

I never read the book itself, but the film really gave me an idea about the story of Alice. Lol. Of course, because this movie is about her. Going back, Alice’s character signifies the attitude of a young girl who doesn’t have consistencies in life. I mean, she’s still depends on others to determine her faith.

But as the movie goes on, she realized that she needs to make a choice. The scene wherein she need to slay the dragon/jabawokee (I don’t know its spelling), she has finally made her choice.


This is the scene where she was confused if she’ll slay the dragon or not.

alice in wonderland

My favorite lines from her is when she listed 6 impossible things. 🙂 The sixth impossible thing is when she slayed the dragon. Yay! She is really the real Alice. 🙂

The animations are so great. The action scenes as well. I can never imagine how they did the effects. Over all, my rating for this movie is 10/10. I love Alice’s accent. ^_^


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