Whenever we feel sad…

“Whenever we feel sad, it’s because we lack faith to God.”

This is my reflection tonight as I experience different pain and hurt regarding the things which surround me for the fast few days. I am hurt as if my veins are knotted. Okay, I’m exaggerating now. Seriously, I’m really trying to be good in what I am doing. But there are times that I ask myself, “Is my best enough?” and “Ang simple na nga lang po ng gusto ko, ang hirap pang makuha. Bakit ganun?” These are the thoughts which are slapping me every time I see posts on Twitter and Facebook.

But then, as I read the Bible and reflected on it, I realized that I don’t get what I need and want because I do lack faith in God. I do easily forget His undying promise and love for me. And this love, of course, includes the things which will satisfy me and my needs. I should always trust His perfect timing. His plans are always the best. I may not know when I am going to have it; I only know that God will definitely happy to provide me with everlasting joy. In the end, I know, everything’s gonna be alright. 🙂


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