One Day in Brgy. Guinayang, San Mateo, Rizal

As a part of our subject Observation and Immersion, we had conducted a feeding program at Brgy. Guinayang in San Mateo, Rizal. Specifically, near at Maly Elementary School.

How  to get there?

  • From Cubao, ride a jeep with Muntalban – Cubao signage. Then, just say you’re going to Brgy. Guinayang. The mark there is the Maly Elementary School.

This immersion was intended to feed 70+ children ages 5-11. Our section contributed everything we needed for this Immersion. Hence, we really spent some dimes for this. But, it was all worthy!

Before starting the program, we asked the students to fall in line. They were divided according to their ages. We had three groups, then.


After asking them to fall in life, we had given them some exercises to brighten up their day. They were instructed by my lovely and energetic classmates.


Before formally starting the program, we gave them a merienda so that they could listen to their teacher’s lessons for the day. They had cupcakes and juice. 🙂1187136_711937292153475_1751724431_n

After giving them something to eat, the discussions finally started. There were Level 1, 2, and 3 students. Each of them had their assigned teachers who would be teaching them.


There were also some activities for them. 🙂1185251_711947115485826_1045977552_n

Seeing these children cooperate with us made us happy. Our long preparations were worthy! The smile on each child’s faces were really a peace of mind within our soul. Nothing can be replaced by these smiles. 1174905_711940588819812_345432555_n

This child was really giving effort to what she’s doing. I wondered why she used White in colouring that drawing. Teehee!60807_711946522152552_1063517069_n

And for our lunch! Mixed veggies plus chicken barbecue and juice. We had given them banana as well. 🙂954854_711949678818903_152558239_n

I belonged to documentation team. And here’s our pic.


For our group picture, here it is. 🙂


Being an Education student is really fun. The most special part is being able to share this fun to others. Experiencing difficult times is normal but this doesn’t mean to stop exploring.

Thank you, classmate Justine, for the photos.


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