Hello October.

 24 days to go and I am already excluded to be called “teen”. I am not really prepared to be called young adult. Maybe because, I still remain childish in some ways. But then, I am still thankful for my almost 20 years of existence  here on Earth.

October is my favorite month. Aside from my birthday, this month is the start of semester break. I mean, a short pause from the tons of school works that I will surely miss once I marched this March.

I am planning to create a birthday challenge for me. Wherein, for the next 24 days, I would be posting something on this blog (just to inform my readers that I am still existing :D).

The 24-Day Challenge would be… the 24 random facts about me. Different posts about what makes me a human would be posted.

Anyway, I am just so happy about my new shoes. I am only posting its photo on my blogs not on my personal Facebook account because my friends might see it. It’s an Oxford Shoes from Artwork. I’ve been dreaming to have this since January. And finally, I now have it! Thanks to the good Lord who never fails to provide me everything. 🙂



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