God Saves.

There are times that we feel depressed about the things that are happening to us. We could not help ourselves but to cry a river of tears because we think we are not worthy of anything in this world. We do not appreciate our existence because we are busy reminiscing the mistakes that we had. We keep on reflecting on our ‘what ifs’ in life. We never stop crying because of such misfortunes in our life. Sometimes, we have reached the point of giving up. Hope, faith, and love have totally left our life.

I myself have felt these depressions. I was once the lady who keep on saying that I am such a failure. I am a big failure. I can’t do any good in this world. All that I have has made me realized that I am not worthy of this existence. I stop believing. I stop hoping. I stop on feeling anything. But there’s one thing that I could just forget and ignore. There is still a glimpse of faith within me.

Through the darkest clouds in my heart, I still believe that God will make me feel good. My God is mighty to save. He will surely lift me from the deepest sorrows which I have. My heart may be full of rejections, hurt, and persecutions but my awesome God will never forget to save me. I have been stepped on many times, but my God never fails to wrap me around His warm arms saying, “You are safe with me.” Despite of being hopeless, I still believe that there is still something good that will happen for me. God never gives up on me. I am his princess. He would never let me down.




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