K-Wand’s Work Of Love Wallets

My friends and I were really busy for these past few days for our the planning of our ‘business’. This idea came out when we’ve had some short talks of what could be the best way to earn money without spending that much. Since Monday, we started making our bags and wallets using the cloth used as a canvas. Then, our ‘graphic artists’ only used injection as an alternative tool for a brush. We’re just starting. We can’t afford to buy good stuffs for the mean time.

Here are the products of our effort, love, and time. (Sorry for the poor quality of these photos)

Day 1: PRODUCTION. Everything started with the magic hands of Jhied. He’s the one who’s sewing the cloths and turning it to cute little handy wallet. The two boys, Domz and Waki, were the one who’s designing the product. They were really serious. Swear.

FIRST PRODUCT: This plain wallet was the first product from our sewing machine. Note: Our sewing machine was not used for a long period of time. Hence, we had a hard time setting it. (We means the tailor, definitely not me. :D)

Photo: We'll still be working on this! Work with love. :)

First try. We just tried applying the paint on our work. We didn’t have any good information which kind of paint to use because our cloth does not have good quality. We found it hard to apply paint, at first. But then, we learned the technique on how to use our magic hands to make everything work perfectly. Tadan.

TADAN! Here’s our first product. Finished product. I did my best to add some art in taking a good picture for this wallet. But, I ended up using the b&w effect of my cam. We were able to make 12 wallets, and 5 bags. 🙂

BAGS AND WALLETS FOR SALE! Get one now while supplies last! (Super trying hard to be an endorser.) Please take a look on the tag which I’ve made. 🙂 Our name is K-WAND (sounds K-POP. I know) K-im, W-aki, A-Abdul, N-ica, and D-ominique. Those letters are our from our name.

These are the designs of our wallet. All are handcrafted. As in, my friends did their best to think of the best words to design on each wallet.

We are really doing our best to promote our product. Please bear with the desperate poses we had here. Please support!


For orders, reservations, and inquiries, e-mail me at theweirdapple@gmail.com


God bless!



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