Super September

It’s been two months since I posted something on my blog. I’ve been very busy lately. Hence, telling stories about my life isn’t my priority. But then, I thank the Lord for the gift of time that he endowed upon me to write something worthwhile this day. Let me share you my life in two months.

My September was def superb. Going to different places within the month was memorable. The unforgettable experience was when my friends in the Diocese and I went to the Catholic Social Media Summit last September 13-14, 2014. The experience was one of a kind. First, I didn’t expect that I would be getting close with these people from the diocese of Antipolo. I was wrong. It seemed that we all knew each other ever since. For this reason, we were able to adjust easily to one another.


This photo was taken during the event. This two-day event was headed by Youth Pinoy. It was my second time to attend such Summit. Excitement arose after spending two days in Pangasinan. Rev. Archbishop Socrates Villegas, DD, spoke among the 500+ participants.


During the event, I also met one of my friends from Wattpad. We’ve been friends since 2010, and that was the only time that we met each other. Hello there Therese!


After a week, I supposed to have my book signing in Mall of Asia. Unfortunately, a typhoon visited Manila and made this event cancelled. I dunno if I would be sad or what, but I was not happy either. I just don’t know. Sayang kasi. Anyway, I still hope that there would be next time. At least, once in my life, I would be seeing my name on NBS flyers.



I also met Nayin Nagdulas of LIB, and some of my friends/readers on Wattpad.

After attending the MIBF, I also became part of San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish 22nd Feast Celebration. We celebrated his feast last September 28, 2014. I was in-charge of the Documentation Committee. Aside from that, I also participated in washing the dishes after lunch. Guess what. I washed 200+ dishes, spoons, forks, glasses, and huge casseroles. I may be tired, but it’s fine. Happy to serve!


Since my school was also named after SLR, we also celebrated his feast day last September 29, 2014. There was a Mass, Procession of Saints, and fun games that date. Everything was definitely memorable!

I love my September. I love my life. I love my job! I love you Lord! Thanks for this gift of Ministry and Vocation! Happy to serve!


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