Forever Grateful

It’s been 51 days since I took the board examinations for teacher. I was one of the thousands aspirants who were all hopeful to pass that exam. Guess what. While scrolling my Facebook news feed, I just saw someone who announced that LET results were already available. I immediately searched for the results. Fortunately, I found a good link to stalk. Then, I found my name on the list.

The shaking of my hands was in tensed. I was really nervous to search my name on that list. When I found out that my name was on that precious list, I cried, and shouted “YES!” I looked for my lola and told her the good news that God had given me. I also told my parents and my aunt about that good news. I had been very emotional fifteen minutes after knowing the results. I even cried. I was very happy. I didn’t know where to put all those mixed emotions/feelings/or whatever you call those things.

I am owing everything to God who continuously supported me all throughout my journey. I am forever thankful of the intercession of my life patron saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz, and Mother Mary, whom definitely guides me as I pray rosary.

Isn’t it amazing that God have never given up on me? Despite of all the sins and mental judgments that I am making, He is always there to bless me. I am definitely His spoiled child. But then, I believe that I can still change. Because of His love for me, I will do my best to be the best and effective Catholic teacher that I can ever be. Looking forward for more lessons with You, Lord. 🙂

Aside from passing the LET, God still blesses me with the gift of life. Last 25th of October, I turned 21. My family and friends celebrate with me. Moreover, my second book has already made its way to bookstores nationwide. I am definitely blessed! Being forever grateful isn’t enough! Thank You, Lord, for the blessings!


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