3 Ways to Earn Online

If you have the seamless internet connection, a computer/laptop/netbook, and perseverance to work online, then do it! Being productive is not limited to doing several things at a time. Yet, being productive means having results after doing something. There are lots of ways to earn while staying at home. As long as you have the basic commodities, you’re good to go.

Here are three ways on how to earn online.

1. Accepting online jobs

When I was in college, my good friend, Ate Rizza, encouraged me to work online since I did have a lot of free time. She taught me how to create my profile on Odesk. Now, it’s Upwork.com. Since my course is Education major in English, I ventured in applying jobs related to my field. I applied as an online article writer and online editor. My first job was to simply create a 500-word article about a phone. Then, I was paid a dollar for writing it.

It was too small but since I was only starting, I needed to be patient. After trying several exams, I applied for better jobs and projects. I got an employer who asked me to write 100 articles in one week. Each article cost one dollar. As a college student with so much free time, I accepted the challenge. I was able to save money and buy the things that I wanted. I even opened my own bank account because of Odesk.

I am really blessed for that opportunity. There are still other sites that you could try stalking. But, you have to be patient enough because the road to success is sometimes stiff.

2. Teaching Foreign Students Online

This Summer (2015), I really have no source of income since we don’t have classes. Hence, I have applied as an online English tutor for foreign students. I’ve been to four different websites, but in the end, I’m accepted in 51talk. It is an online teaching school for Chinese Students.

The process in 51talk is very easy. You just have to submit your resume online. Then, they will call you. You will be interviewed through Skype. Submission of requirements will follow. You will  be trained for one day, then after that, you’re off to go. You can earn at least 2,500 per cut off.

This company, so far, is very accommodating. You will love working in this company as long as you will follow their rules. Try avoiding their sanctions so you can be teach in peace.

3. Managing your time well and applying for decent jobs online 

Instead of posting unlimited selfies on your wall, why don’t you just browse the web and look for a decent job that you can do? You can do a lot if you know how to manage your time. Be wise. The world will conspire if you will try. 🙂

If I have convinced you to look for a job online, thank you so much. Haha! I wish you all the best. If you have inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask me.


2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Earn Online

    • itsleemiyaki says:

      Try upwork.com. There are lots of online job offered there. Just be patient and you’re off to go. If you want to teach online, I suggest 51talk. It’s easy to get hired there. I hope this reply helps. 🙂

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