Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being Unemployed

I am currently having my medical in Shangri La Plaza while starting to write this one. My pre-employment requirements make me busy these days. Why am I daring to write a post about being unemployed? 

I was unemployed for almost one month. For a self-proclaimed OC girl, this sucked. Frustration, self-pity, and lots of mixed emotions almost conquered my optimisim. This was new for me. Unemployment? That never became my problem. But still, it happened. 

After several days of moving on, I have decided to list the things I’ve learned from this. 

  1. Being unemployed is an opportunity to grow. Growing in a sense of learning new stuff and things outside your comfort zone. You gain knowledge because you meet new people and you have new experience.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone to know what the real world is. Being comfortable for good does no good. It may relax you for a while but may belittle you about what you still ca do outside.
  3. Trust is hardly earned. I used to trust people who shared the same sentiments and aspirations with me; yet, at the end of the day they were the people who said worst things about me. 🙂
  4. People who sympathize with you do not mean that they actually care for you. They may say they are worried, but who knows if that’s true?
  5. You’ll be hearing criticisms whatever you do. Every single day, we make decisions. So, no matter what you do, people will say somethinh about it. Criticism never stops, so just pick the best one that would help you grow.
  6. Never stop being optimistic. Unemployment makes someone frustrated about what is happening in his life. Not meeting expectations of people disappoints him; so, just be positive! Everything will be okay soon!
  7. Take a rest for a while. Avoid overworking and overthinking. Let your mind relax after a frustrating situation. After that, you are off to go! 
  8. Keep your head on high. Unemployment does not make you less as a person. Be confident. At least, you still have time to choose your dream job.
  9. A day never passes by without good moments. Take note of every lesson or good thoughts you have heard; there is always good in every morning.
  10. Whatever you do, God will be there for you. Never give up because you are loved! He can always guide you and do desire.

Never be sad about being unemployed. You will find your dream job and get it when you keep kn praying  and acting on it. 


2 responses to “Ten Things I’ve Learned From Being Unemployed”

  1. Most of the time, that “unemployed” phase is a chance for you to take that leap of faith. 😉 God calls people to take the risk and jump at the most unexpected opportunities.

    1. Yes, I agree with you.

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