Life Lessons at 22

My second job has taught me different lessons compared to my previous job. Now, everything is more complicated, challenging, and energy-demanding (what a word).

I could describe myself as a childish young adult who looks life as an ideal world to live in. A place where a green pasture awaits me as I walk the path in achieving my dreams. Perhaps, negativity has never been included in these daydreams.

I am a kind of person who always talks a lot, who shares my problems with others, and unstoppable in telling stories. I used to be like this, because my second job has taught me to become more mature.

Here are the basic things I’ve learned from my current job.

  1. Be careful with what you say. You may have tons of inspiring and positive words to say but people may interpret it very far from what you mean. They may say negative things about you and what you have said. Make sure that what you’ll say is safe.
  2. Don’t talk to everyone. Choose only the people whom you can trust. These people who may keep your secret. Moreover, be careful for those people who will get your trust, then betray you afterwards. You are just wasting your time.
  3. Your words may kill you. Be consistent. Never talk behind somebody about her bad breathe or poor sanitation problems. Never do this, whether you are in office, or at home.
  4. Not all people will be interested to listen to you. Not all of them may understand what you say. They may just show concern, yet may end up listening to you. Hence, accept this fact.
  5. Be consistent in what you do. Make sure that whatever you do is justified. You are responsible for every action that you’ll do. Hence, make sure that you can defend yourself if emergency arises.

If I would be listing all, this blog is not enough. Hihi. I am still hoping for a nice working experience and environment, though.

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