The Sweet Life Cafe in Angono, Rizal

Angono is widely known to be the Art Capital of the Philippines because of its innumerable artists and artworks. This Municipality in Rizal has brought its name on the top because of its Higantes Festival.

If you live in Rizal and you want to experience a cool atmosphere, then I suggest that you should try visiting this cafe.

In this place lies The Sweet Life Cafe. Aside from its Instagram-worthy meals and desserts, this has given everyone a place to feel at ease and comfortable. It is known for its gourmet turonne. A turon made more special by adding various flavors.

Their bestseller Turonne with Bacon tastes unique.Their Black Forest flavored Turonne makes my heart skip a beat. Each is 40php only.

We also ordered milkshakes. (55php each)

Aside from these, they also have a cool menu, and atmosphere.

I thought enjoying this kind of experience could only happen in Manila. But, this is also available in the nearest cafe shop beside you. 🎂


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