My Bebe Love Movie Review

Alden and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub made me watch television again. Their love team has made me realize that there are times that fate leads us to something worthwhile.

It was Christmas when our spiritual director in our parish invited us to watch this film. Being available at that day, December 25, I decided to go and watch the film with them.

The plot was simple and cliche. It had that type of Romeo and Juliet type of plot in which Alden and Maine were not allowed to be together just because their guardians were not in good terms. The story ended with their guardians, Ai-ai and Vic Sotto, ending up together.

The movie is simple yet catchy and sweet. #KiligPaMore has been evident during the entire film. It clearly shows how AlDub’s chemistry tickles every part of one’s body. Even the older audience inside the cinema are still feeling like they are 22.

I just wonder about the main character’s personalities. The protagonists are said to be bourgeois. But why are they explicitly shouting throughout the film? Why is it that their lines are contradicting to their established roles? Example: There is a scene where the lead actor says, “E siraulo ka pala e!” Uhm, I think there is a better line for this.

Overall, I am awed to this film. Nakakakilig! If there’s part two, I will still watch it.


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