Perks of Home-Based (Part-Time) Jobs

Freelancing has been part of my life since second year college. This part-time job of mine has helped me to cope with some financial needs (especially those make-over expenses). This summer, I am into freelance writing again to extend my sources. There are times that I wanted to stop—but I cannot since it gives me more funds to supply my needs.

There are lots of reasons why you should try freelancing, too.

  1. Flexible time. I do have day job. I stay in school (I teach, yeah) for eight hours, and travel for three hours. I write during my free time. Whenever I am travelling, I write drafts for articles. If I am stuck in traffic, I write. I can write whenever and wherever I want. If I have enough bucks to spend in a coffee shop, I write there. If I am totally broke, I go home on the dot. I freelance as part time so I got to choose fewer projects that would suit my schedule. YOU can do it too. Specifically, I am into writing SEO articles. My rate is definitely lower than the usual rates. But, I am totally fine with it since my time is not compromised.
  2. Higher rates. If you are just a beginner, I suggest not to get inspired with earning money instantly. Instead, focus on your skills, and abilities that could help you. Your experience in applying helps, too. On the other hand, freelancing has higher rates compared to most day jobs (based on my experience). In a day, you can earn more in your own time, pace, and schedule. As long as you can deal with many projects, you’re good. Just be patient because it takes time to acquire consistent and long-term projects.
  3. Professional growth. Since you are working with various professionals (locally or internationally), there is a big chance that you will experience the way these people handle their employees. You get to know how should you work on different circumstances. If you are lucky enough, you can have seminars that they offer online. Hence, you are bound to growing professionally.

If you are decided to have part time job at home, create an account on,, or Essays,ph. I work I Upwork. If you need help, I am just one e-mail away.


2 thoughts on “Perks of Home-Based (Part-Time) Jobs

  1. Bebekoh says:

    I got some projects with as well as I’m currently not accepting projects because my current work is demanding. But true, if you need a side job that will also help you enhance your skills, I do suggest working freelance. 🙂

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