Respark Challenge by Arriane Serafico

Do you have this goal  yet you do not know how to start doing it?

Do you have the *passion* in creating something but you feel that you just don’t have the luxury of time to do it? 

If your answer is YES to these questions, then you are suited to join

Respark Challenge by Arriane Serafico. 

Respark Challenge aims to help the passionate individuals to finish or achieve their goals which they really wanted by using set of routines and habits in TEN DAYS.

Of course, finishing one’s goal in TEN DAYS could be impossible. So what our teacher has taught us is to set up a routine that will help us to achieve our goals.

There is a series of discussions sent through e-mail. Then, a MISSION is given for us to do every single day in this challenge. What I loved about this challenge is the community it has started on Facebook. Through our Facebook Group, we are asked to post our missions there on a comment box. People will surely leave comments and suggestions on your posts. Some might simply like it. But, the effect is certainly surreal. You are bound to do your goal or mission for the day because you are supported by a group of people who share the same vision with you.

Resparkers are the members of this community which will help you in establishing a good routine. They will be rooting for your woooorks! This helps because your are ‘forced’ to do it. This is the force that sometimes, we need in order to succeed.

After ten days, we have our graduation in a form of a webinar. 🙂

In this two-hour long webinar, Arriane Serafico has taught us the


Before you read the next words, make sure you have notebook and pen with you. 🙂

  1. Write your future goals. as in, ALL OF YOUR GOALS you want to finish.
  2. Classify your goals. Is it survival, automatable, or braver goals? Survival goals are goals meant to achieve to support your living. Automatable goals are the ‘mini-goals’ which you can automate (e.g. savings, e-fund, mutual fund) BRAVER GOALS are the goals that are surely meant to answer your passion’s call.
  3. Think for the next 3 months. Usually, when we make plans, we plan it for years. But now, try looking into the next three months. This season can give you enough time to track whether your goal is doable or not.
  4. Pick 1 trackut of 5 tracks. These tracks are explained better by our teacher herself. But, what I remembered from her discussion is to focus on the things which are realistic.

My favorite words from Arriane are:

PLAN YOUR GOAL ASAP because there are so many changes which occur in a year.


This challenge totally changed my life. Here’s a reminder to my fellows.

Now, I am doing my best in all aspects so I can achieve my ONE FOCUS which is to have an emergency fund at the end of the year (2016). I pray to God that I can honor HIm through what I am doing. That, all glory is His, not mine.

To our teacher, Arriane, thank you so much! You really are a wanderrgirl! 🙂


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