A Night in Cafe Caudal

Freelancing has its downfalls. One of these is the spirit of laziness which naturally occurs when one’s doing a job repeatedly, and when one’s done so much for a day. 

It’s challenging to convince myself to write after dealing with lots of requirements. BUT. I have to. Or else, my e-fund dream will never see a glimpse of light! 

Going back, my beloved and I went out to do our freelance duties outside the comforts our home–in a coffee shop named Cafe Caudal.

We’ve been seeing this shop for quite some time because it’s near the highway. We have thought that eating there is a luxury. BUT, it’s not. 

Cafe Caudal is just across Taytay Hi-way. It’s near SM Taytay and Club Manila East. 

It offers cupcakes, pastries, coffee, and fruit juices. 

We decided to work there because it has FREE WIFI. 

It’s not yet known for some that’s why it’s totally convenient to work here. Plugs are everywhere. No need to fight for a single hole.

The interior is magnificent! It has artworks which are catchy and classy at the same time.

We worked there from 8:00-11:30pm. They are open, from 10:00am to 12:00am (If I am not mistaken.) 

Yummy sandwich for two which costs 145 pesos only. It’s a good buy! 

Iced or Hot Coffee for less than a hundred! Way cheaper than the usual coffee from known coffee shops. 

What I loved here is the service of their crews. They are accomodating and emphatic. They answer concerns immediately. They respond quickly.

This coffee shop in Taytay is a must-visit. Try speding time in a relaxing coffee shop to enjoy quality time with yourself. 




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