Reasons to Stay in Tipsy Beans

Are you still in search for a cozy and adorable coffee shop where you can stay? A shop with serene view and prestine features? Then, you might want to consider Tipsy Beans. 

A relaxing coffee shop where you can plug your devices, connect to internet, and do some clerical works, for me, best describe this coffee shop, Tipsy Beans.


It is one tricycle away from EDSA Central, and a spot near California Garden in Mandaluyong City. 

They offer frappes, hot and iced cold drinks, sandwiches, pasta, and nachos. 

In our case, we ordered strawberry shake, oreo frappe, nachos, and carbonara.

 Each costs 110&90 respectively.

This nachos tastes like the one’s in TGIF.
This carbonara’s my fav. ❤️ 

There is no difference between this and other coffee shops. 

One things I would recommendabout this is the relaxing place and wifi connection. 

If you are a freelancer and is looking for a solemn place, then try this one. It has a mood to inspire you working. 


2 thoughts on “Reasons to Stay in Tipsy Beans

  1. Beth G. says:

    Which branch is this? Went to their Mandaluyong branch and everything I ordered was unavailable. I badly wanted the nachos. 😢

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