7 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Leaders are the frontrunners in keeping their team intact. Teambuilding, professional learning experience, and insights have been shared by effective leaders in order to achieve unity in the team. Moreover, it is their job to fully accomplish their duties in training his team to become holistically prepared and consistently working.

In this modern world, leaders’ goals also entail motivating their team to work continuously. Leaders may set their goals and uplift the team’s standards, but if his members are not motivated, complaints can be heard even before a leader says a word. Hence, there are seven effective ways in keeping a team intact. Through the following tips, motivating a team is possible.

  1. Set Performance Goals – Orient your members about the path that you, as a leader, wish to take. Let them know how you would like them to work. Set your expectations about their performance and what they needed to achieve in their track. Believe in them as they take the lead for you. Once they feel that you trust them, they shall trust you, too.
  2. Positive Approach – Employees love to work with leaders who are optimistic and pleasing. Being genuinely caring, leaders are loved by its team. Disciplining one’s team is done gloriously with a smile on one’s face. Aside from that, positive outlook towards the members are expected from the leaders. Let your members hear positive remarks.
  3. Intrinsic Motivation – Motivation is part of everyone’s life. Even leaders need motivation to work. However, if the motivation is purely extrinsic, this will somehow mislead your members. Through giving them intrinsic motivation, you are taking them beyond the typical day job. You are giving them a sense of purpose that leads to greater gratification later on.
  4. Track their Growth – Make them feel that they are professionally growing. This leads them to a greater realization that working with you is truly worthy. Time spent with their leaders and members are worth treasuring, too. Identify their improvements so they can work for their betterment.
  5. Train your members – Give your members training which help in keeping them professionally experienced. This training ensures that they are continuously learning. Learning does not stop after graduation. Let them feel that through learning, they are also investing to themselves.
  6. Caring and Nurturing Environment – Nowadays, members’ focus is on nurturing and caring environment. Once they experience belongingness, they feel secured and safe with you. Hence, employees’ retention would be greatly affected because they know that his colleagues would be by their side always.
  7. Tap them for their success – Celebrate with your team members. Greet them during their birthdays. Congratulate them for every success that they attain. Be happy for their achievements genuinely and keep motivating them in order to feel contentment. Always remember that at the end of the day, relationship matters. You’ll be remembered with what you have done.

These are just some of the few ways in motivating your team. Personally, I prefer being motivated through kind words. For me, this serves as a fuel in this world filled of hate and insecurities. So, as a leader, what do you usually do to keep your members motivated?


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