10 Must-Read Books from Precious

Precious Hearts Romance has established itself in delivering youthful stories to its various readers. With its romance stories, it has captured the hearts of every Filipina. Nonetheless, this publishing company never fails to explore new stuff in the field of publishing. Thus, this has been the very main reason why they come up with a new series of Young Adult Stories, which they call “Rebel Fiction.”


What Makes Rebel Fiction Extra Special

PHR pocket books could be telling stories in a conventional way. Rebel Fiction tackles stories which are underrated by the society. Stories about LGBT, Online Games, Love Affair with a Mannequin, and a Story about a Dying Protagonist–these are all carefully tailored for people with various reading preference.

These stories appeal to young emotions. With the 10 titles launched in Manila International Book Fair, this surely binds its readers to read a book closer to his/her heart.

  1. Chick Boy by Maricar Dizon
  2. Leia’s Diary by Victoria Amor
  3. Lesbi In Love by Owwsic
  4. Love in a Game by Kayla Caliente
  5. Marceline’s Cinco’s High School Survival Guide by Rose Tan
  6. My Fat Chance by Sofia
  7. Our Last Colorful Days by Tyra
  8. I Knew He Was Trouble by Heart Yngrid
  9. Supernova by Luna King
  10. Vanilla Twilight by Luna King

The Book Launch of these titles was totally remarkable for all the bloggers who attended this event. It was extraordinary. Usually, book launching only includes live reading, short talks, and signing. But this one was different. Excerpts from the stories were given life. It was performed by PETA actors and actresses and narrated by the Authors themselves. ASIDE FROM THAT, the audience can interact with the characters through the object which was given away. Freebies, or stuff which were related to the story, were given to the audience. The direction of this was well-thought and creatively-done.

Why Should You Read Rebel Fiction of Precious Pages

Why not?! If you’re sick of reading the typically written stories, maybe you can push yourself in readings stories that vary from romance, gothic, fantasy, adventure, paranormal, and suspense-thriller, detective, and sci-fi. There’s a lot. Read it, now.


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