Yeong Yang Hansik: Korean Food Trip on a Budget

With Korean’s enticing food presentation, it seems that their meal isn’t affordable. Due to this impression, some may not consider dining in Korean Resto, and prefer eating in some affordable cuisine. But then, this impression does not last long. Yeong Yang Hansik Food Cuisine in Kapitolyo exists to satisfy your Korean Food cravings!



Nourishing Food 

Yeong Yang is a Korean word that means “nourishing.”

The owner themselves explained how they value healthy living as a part of their lifestyle. They make sure that the ingredients they use are free from pesticides or too much preservatives. Their meals are totally free from MSG and harmful ingredients. All you can see is green leafy  vegetables and yummy carrots!


This BIBIMBAP served in this clay pot is just 149 pesos. It has a lot of serving. You’ll be impressed. This is what makes their cuisine extra special.

Korean Food Trip on a Budget

Spend less than 500 to enjoy this Korean Food Trip! I suggest that you try their best seller, the bibimbap. It is infused with unique ingredients that make it more special compared to other Korean restos. Moreover, Korean Dumplings are super affordable. It only costs 79 pesos for six pieces.


KIMBAP – Korean version of Sushi. Flavors vary.  It is available in Tuna, Beef Bulgogi, and Ham with Kimchi. This is just 99 pesos! Good price for 8 pieces of yummy treats. 

Infusion of Filipino Cuisine 

This is the only Korean Resto that offers Lechon flavored Bibimbap! Great deal right? It also contains toge that makes it more Filipino-ish in taste. Besides, there is no preservatives and salty condiments used in preparing this dish.


SAMGYETANG is a must-taste, too! This whole chicken stuffed with soft brown rice tastes natural in flavor. It’s not like nilaga or tinola in Filipino cuisine, but it seems a resemblance of it. Less the salty flavor, though.

Yeong Yang Hansik’s Menu 


Would you like a bowl of yummy Korean treats on your dining table? Then, you’ll have it at 349! Serving is good for two pax already.


This is such a great deal. 🙂

Again, Yeong Yang Hansik Korean Cuisine offers delectable meals which are nourishing at the same time. It has infused Filipino taste in their meals as well. Most importantly, this Korean Food Resto is a must-visit because it’s affordable and a cool Korean Food Trip in Kapitolyo.

Madison Commons Food Park is just right beside Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo. It is quite near if you’re coming from Estancia, Capitol Commons. If you’re coming from Shaw, just ride a jeepney going to Pasig and drop off at Kapitolyo. Tricycles are just right at the corner. Tell them to lead you to Madison Commons.

What’s your favorite Korean Food? Share your thoughts in the comment section.




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