How Manila Improv Fest will Surprise You. 

Improv is not that familiar to me. I only know that it is a stage play. But then, personally witnessing a taste of Manila Improv Fest has taught me what this is all about.

Its uniqueness

The typical stage plays follow a certain script. The actors memorize it. Then, act it out later on. But then, there’s another form of stage play that does not depend on script. In fact, everything’s spontaneous. Script is never included in their program. What they have is wit and impressive memory in coming up with a line.

Its humble beginnings

It originally started in other countries. It was brought in the Philippines by Sir Gabe who started Improv. Then, a lot got interested to this and attended the workshops that had been offered. Community of Improvisers was formed. 

A glimpse of Manila Improv Fest

So basically, there are actors, good sound system, and a stage. What happens is they randomly play a game, form a story after, and make fun and free-flowing lines after. It seems that they have planned about it, but they did not. Everything happens surprisingly. In fact, they themselves are surprised, too. 

Improv Fun Games

“Improv is never an improv without audience participation.” Mayi. 

They do have an outline of the short or long forms of acts. All they have is guide, then the rest suddenly follows (lines, scenes). Here are some of the games that they did.

  • ABC with the audience. In this portion, the “host” challenges the audience to give words from A to Z that serves as a sample of the given category. In this event, we have finished this in 3:22 minutes.

  • Spelling bee. There are performers on stage. A word is given by the audience. They need to spell out the word and create a sentence after. 

  • Three way dub. This seems the hardest. The one dubs for the one’s he’s talking to. There are three actors for this. It is really challenging because acting differently from what you are saying is confusing. 

  • Angst choir. MY FAVORITE. There are four actors. Then, they ask a question. The answers are the theme of their monologue. Grabe. This excites me because of so much #feels. Since most of the audience are YA’s, I think everything is related to love. Haha.

  • Beaty Contest. A typical Q and A but the questions come from the audience. This makes it moooore challenging for them. 

My favorite line from one “contestant” is this… 

“Are you defined by your relationship?”

I haven’t seen the entire performance, but I recommend you to watch it. Feels and fun are there. No dull moments. Promise. Plus, the venue is just in PETA Center. One ride away from Cubao. The show runs from March 22-26, 2017. 

So, see you? 🙂 


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