God’s Daily Reminder

I seldom receive text messages these days. In fact, an average of 2-3 people text me. Mostly are inquiries and updates on our ministry. Hence, it is a surprise to receive two consecutive messages from different people in a day. Their messages are plainly quotes. But when I read them, it seems that they are connected. The message is somehow relevant to what I feel recently. 
The two messages are:
It doesn’t matter what happened in your past, what the naysayers said about you and the things that tried to hold you back. All of them have no power to affect you as long as you don’t want. The power to sustain changes is in Jesus. You are destined to live a NEW LIFE in Him!
As you go about your day, watch how the Lord pushes you gently here & there, little by little, to give more of yourself to the people around you. That’s how he makes you holy! Lord, use me. Amen
The first message relaxes me because it explains that being a sinner in the past doesn’t form my future. I always have the opportunity to change and to be renewed because of Jesus. It is through Him that I am saved.
I worry a lot. This message is so timely for me. 
Reading the second quotation strengthen my conviction. It encourages me to pursue the day with a smile on my face. Allow God to use me and to make me His instrument of peace. As we journey in life, we are reminded to give more of ourself to others. More for others, less for myself. 
It’s funny how these two messages are connected. When God gives a reminder, He does it with a twist. 


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