How did 2017’s first quarter go.

For some random reasons, I come up of writing an update about my first quarter of the year. I must say that the first quarter is never easy (as of this writing) due to high expectations of how 2017 should go. Nonetheless, I’ve been receiving a lot of blessings (as always) from God which I am really thankful for. The first part of this roller coaster ride is certainly worthy.

On this quarter, I have started attending my MA classes. It is certainly different from the environments that I’m used to. I am exposed to a different perspective and side of the world, thus, studying in a liberated and radical school has taught me lessons which I am overwhelmed. It is not that surprising for the course that I am currently taking up is about creative writing. But then, it challenges me up to my innermost body parts because the readings are brain-cracking. My classes are Fridays and Saturdays. Hence, there’s no TGIF or TGIS days for me. At least, what I have is a productive weekender and weekend days. As of now, I am learning from my cool professors and hoping that these academic people will shower me with ‘good’ grades.

Aside from that, I have started selling and marketing my first four books which are published under Lifebooks. Luckily, some are buying my bundles! Hehe! If you wish to buy my books, four of them are sold for just 350php! I still have stocks because I stop selling due to work-related stuff. In my spare time, I still find time to edit novels, write articles, and research about the meaning of life. Hehe!

Thank God for the success of our first ever workshop on Social Communications. This workshop is held in Antipolo Cathedral and is attended by various media ministers in the diocese.

It’s been a busy season for us in the parish as well. Since Lent season has finally approached, our youth ministry is certainly busy. We are bound to finalizing tasks which are surely needed for the parish. We are currently preparing for the 25th anniversary of our beloved parish. Isn’t it amazing? We reach twenty five years! Therefore, we are delegated to work on some serious activities. God bless to us!

The school year is about to end. I’m thankful for another experience that this year has brought. Teaching in grade school is still new for me, and I thank God for surviving it. Moreover, as the SY ends, I am blessed with my students. They are surely one of a kind.

Now, I am looking forward for another fruitful quarter. I’m still waiting for the release of my books, its nomination, and its promotion. Hopefully, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Let’s enjoy this summer break!

How do you find your first quarter so far?


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