RUINS Food Park Project

What’s up? It’s been a long time since I posted reviews about food and cafes. I was dealing with that thing called life and adulting. Thanks goodness because I was able to visit the newest and hippest food park in Makati, the Ruins Food Park Project.


The founders of this artsy and Instagrammable food park proudly presented Ruins as a food park inspired by its name. Literally.


If you’ve noticed the food park’s ambiance, you will feel the simplicity that surrounds the place.

With its location in the heart of Makati, The Ruins surely entices visitors with its cozy feels, relaxing music, and delicious meals.


Have you ever tasted Vietnamese food? Well, Pho Yo’s meal is one of the reasons why you should visit this park. This Vietnamese food stall offers healthy meals at an affordable price. We’ve tried their fried and steamed spring rolls. I swear, it’s definitely a must try. I prefer the fried one, though.

We also tasted ther Pho Bo (not sure with the spelling) which is like Bulalo. It’s filled with beef and tastes like your favorite noodles.

What makes our meal complete are the drinks from The BAR. Did you know that it’s owned by the owners of Tipsy Beans? Hence, perfection is expected and experienced from their drinks. I’ve even forgotten what is it named. But, there are four flavors to choose from.

A food park isn’t complete without Shawarma. A heavenly version of Tapa which is foreign-made. Shawarma Brothers lets us enjoy their food and I highly recommend their meals. Thumbs up. There is also pasta plus cheese snacks as well.

Lastly, we also tried burgers. You can easily see this once you’ve entered the place. It’s what you’ll see after the Shawarma Brothers Stall. By just having a single bite, I truly enjoy their burger. It’s 80-90php only but you’ll have quarter pounder. Perfect, right?


I highly recommend those who work and live in Makati to visit this place. It’s ambiance is superb, like you may wanna stay in the food park alone. Being with group of friends is another story. You won’t feel guilty after spending some bucks. Meals here are not overpriced. You’ll love the variety and new taste that you’ll never forget. Now, stop reading this blog and head there right away.
Do you know other food parks that you’d like me to visit? Leave your suggestions here. 


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