How to Live Brighter According to Jonathan Yabut

Imagine this.

To-do lists, deadlines, proposals, paper works, and toxic people– these words may/might be describing your office or current job. There are times that your routine sucks and you want to throw those papers and leave the office. But even before you think about leaving your work, you realize that you have bills to pay, family to support, and lifestyle to deal with. Inspiring, right?

Who is Jonathan Yabut?

Have you ever heard of Jonathan Yabut? Does his name ring a bell? Well, you should know him because his life may inspire you to leave your typical routine with your cubicle, and to-do lists. He has shown on TV what it feels like to work smart not to work hard.

Jonathan Yabut is the first winner of The Apprentice Asia. Competing against other Asians, he has proven that he deserves to take the stage. He has worked hard and persevered enough to convince Tony Fernandez to let him win. Thus, his diligence inspires us, millenials who thrive to fit in the corporate world.

My takeaways from Jonathan Yabut’s inspirational talk

I am totally running out of motivation to work. Filled with disappointments and lots of issues, my heart figuratively seems to stop dreaming big. But then, things change upon hearing Jonathan’s talk. These are my three takeaways that I’d like to share with you, friends.

✔️ Do not work hard, work smart. He said that there’s a huge difference between working hard and working smart. While some people tend to spend longer time in the office in finishing their papers, some people have strategized to work smarter in dealing with their to-do lists. These people work smart by handling tasks within their office hours. They manage to exert their effort mostly on the important stuff. Definitely, it makes them more productive. This is what I like most from his talk because I truly believe that one should never overwork. If a task can be done within the day, then so be it. If not, then consider finishing it the next day.

✔️Learn to Prioritize. Make sure that you prioritize the most essential activities in your life. Does an activity deserve to be in your to-do list? Does it really need to be done? If no, then delete it permanently in your life. Be courageous enough to say NO to some opportunities. Only say YES to one then focus on it. Hone and master your skills in creating quality outcomes. Admit that we cannot do everything that we want but we always have the chance to focus on one and work smart for it.
✔️ The role of a leader is to make mooore leaders. This fact is not known by some leaders. They only focus on themselves. They just believe that every achievement they have is a product of their excellence. BUT this is not an act for a true leader. It has been always about pullership. As a leader, one should always pull his fellows. It’s always pulling not pushing.

✔️ Always have a social purpose. You may be earning six digits today, but then, at the end of the day, what matters is whom have you worked for? Does it serve a special purpose? Does it really make you feel relieved after a long day at work? Does it make you satisfied enough? Have your purpose. Serve the people who need your expertise. At the end of the day, you will be asked whether you are happy or not.


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