How Millennials Should Spend Their Salary

You’ve gone this far.

When I was a college student, I had a hard time fulfilling my innermost dreams to buy the things that I want. I couldn’t afford that much because my budget was restricted to buying my needs only. I could hard imagine how pitiful I was before because I wasn’t able to catch up with my friends with our youthful needs. So, I started to plan that once I started to work, I should be able to buy the things that I want. But then, this was a wrong aspiration, though.

For most students, graduation is over. You may be working in your first job. Right now, you might be anticipating on your first salary. You might be thinking on going out with your friends, treating your family and former classmates, or maybe, giving it wholly to your parents. Nothing’s totally wrong with these. But, if you wish to survive for the next fifteen days of your life, then, you should know the formula on how to spend your salary, especially your first.

Do not spend everything without thinking.

I wish I’ve known this before. But then, I want to share how this formula can change the way you perceive your income.

Formula 70-20-10

Have you ever heard of this formula? This describes how you are encouraged to allocate your fund as well. Yes, I know how you work hard for that. I know you are looking for your next life goals with what you have. Maybe, you are now planning for the next travel goals. But, before you do that, make sure to finalize your budget.

The technique

20% should proceed to your savings. This must be taken away from your salary so that you have something to save.

70% of your income goes to all your expenses. This includes your bills, transportation, meals, and other needs. Take note, needs.

10% must be your contribution to some charitable works. For some, this serves as donation. Some gives this as their tithing.

Let’s take this example.

If you are earning 10,000 in a month. Then, save 2000 right away. 1000 must be shared or donated to your church. (For me, this serves as my tithes.) 7000 must be allocated for all your spending needs.

You can do this if you can only prevent yourself from going to the mall every akinse and katapusan. Keep yourself away from temptations so you can plan about this.

Your savings surely keeps you secured. This may sound ideal, but for fresh grads who just got their first work, this is highly recommendable. Nobody knows what will happen in the near future.

There are lots of investments that you can do in your 20’s. Do you wish to learn what these are? Hehe. I am still planning to make a draft for this.

What are your thoughts? How do you usually spend your salary?


Your friend,



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