Time Check.

Earlier this morning, I was rushing from the gate towards the bio-metrics device of our school. I was late. I wanted to run but my new doll shoes made my feet sore. I couldn’t find my will to run because there’s no more reason to run and rush after the time. I should be logged in at 7:00 am but it was already 6:55 when I got off from the UV Express. I believed that I was totally late.

The typical scenario every 6:55 am were employees running as well. I didn’t run. But, when I logged in, it was only 7:01 am. Just in time, I guess, before everything got worst. We had five minutes grace period just to deal with any kinds of mishaps that our travel could give. Those who ran was in time. I didn’t run, but I still made it.

When I finally logged in, I learned a lesson about chasing. We’ve been searching and chasing for lots of opportunities in life. We always sought after the things that we think we needed. But then, there were times that all we need was to trust the process. In may case, I needed to stay calm, and not to rush. I could not do the things that other people can. I was somehow in pain so I couldn’t walk fast.

But then, at the end of the day, we really don’t have hold of everything. We may keep on running. but, if we don’t have the faith to God, everything won’t be nothing. Moreover, we have our own timeline. Others may succeed at an earlier stage in their life. Some may get theirs late. You?

The moment that you are waiting for will come at the right time.

The moment that you are waiting for will come at the right time. You will find yours someday. As you wait, do not forget to act on it. Trust the process. Enjoy the chase? Do not forget to pray. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. We may have plans, but the Lord has a plan for you, too.

Have you ever been late? What are your thoughts about it?





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