Sun Shorts’ Hugot for Filipinos’ Financial Freedom

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for films, most especially romance-comedy and hardcore tearjerkers. I enjoyed watching Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa and Mula sa Buwan. These repeatedly break my heart. That’s why after watching Sun Life’s Shorts, I am in great awe and despair at the same time. Emotions are really full of ups and downs.


I was lucky to be part of the official launching of the three Sun Life’s Shorts. These short films showed stories about life, heartbreaks, and even about a love that lasts.
Sun Life Philippines has declared that June will be the Financial Independence Month. It’s their fourth year, by the way. In 2017, they aim to educate Filipinos to secure their future. They are doing this because they believe that it is a must that every Filipino should know how should manage their assets. Based on their research, most of the Filipinos struggle financially. Hence, they have given options that could help them to be financially free.

I personally agree how Sun Life reaches out through this kind of financial education. Not all Filipinos are aware of this. Whenever I share this topic to my friends, they immediately change the topic.



There are three short films that are presented during the launch. Waves, She said, she said, and Sayaw. I personally like Sayaw. This was directed by Mihk Vergara.This film speaks about how two lovers endure the challenge of their lasting love. They have gone through hardships and bad times. Then, when something happens, they know that they are in good hands. I cried after watching this. 😦

Do you know that watching, sharing, and tagging a friend after watching this gives you a chance to win trip to  Tokyo? 🙂 Anyway, here’s more!

She said, she said

She said, she said, directed by Nik Reyes, is a story about a single mom and her child. Basically, the mom has her own POV that describes the way she think about her daughter. Her daughter has her own POV that made the audience cry after hearing her side. I swear you should watch this if you can relate to this kind of scene.



Lastly, Waves by Zig Marasigan is a film that includes a surfer and a city girl. They have met in the beach, got acquainted, fell in love, and finally planned their future. They have faced some problems that a typical couple encounters. This is relatable to those people who travel often and who try to find themselves more. I also like this film because it is a glimpse of what millennials experience in a relationship. I cried after watching this film. If you want to know why I cried, you better watch it, too.


Real Reactions

What makes the launch complete is the set of artists who gave their reaction after watching each film. (I cried, too, btw!)

Matteo was there! He reacted on Waves. In that short chats, they talked about how insurance could also cover the partners. Judy Ann reacted on the film, She said, she said. She looked touched on how the film reflected a mother-daughter relationship. I also found out, through that videos, that income could be invested to mutual funds. Lastly, Piolo Pascual gave his reaction on the film Sayaw. It’s good how life insurance could also cover the expenses caused by critical illnesses. This included hospitalization and some therapies.



My takeaways from this event is valuing how life insurance enable us to protect the relationships that truly matter to us. Sometimes, we regret this because it does seem needed. But, I can clearly remember how my adviser told me that the best time to get an insurance is when you do not need it.

I also admire how Sun Life gives options to Filipinos towards financial freedom. In fact, they offer free seminars this month of June. I also want to emphasize how Sun Life commits itself as a partner for Filipinos who continue to dream for their loved ones. The way they reach out to us, millennials, must be something meaningful and worthwhile.

So, my advice, friends, readers, and fellow bloggers…

Spend your money wisely. You’ll never know what lies ahead.



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