Feeling unworthy?

If you have read my book, 13th Prayer, you’ll know that I have attempted to write a decent book. Compared to the previous titles of my first romance books, 13th Prayer is somehow different. When I finished the manuscript, I’ve submitted it for publication. My first signing is for this book and of course, because of the greatest Writer in our lives.

During our INSET program, my fellow teacher encouraged me to compile prayers specifically written for the youth. She told me that I could be of great help to some students who struggled in their faith. There were times that I ask myself whether I am worthy of writing a prayer book. A real prayer book with reflections and hardcore depth. A kind of book that could help youth in their prayer time. BUT, the case was, I didn’t have the confidence to do such thing.

How am I supposed to write a prayer book if I am filled with emptiness? How can I help the youth in their journey if I am lost as well? Loss of words, too.


When I shared this idea to my closest friend in writing 13th Prayer, he told me one simple thing, “Who else is worthy then?” His words of encouragement totally uplifted my disheartened soul. The following day, I started writing reflections about my daily activities. Then, I received uplifting feedbacks on how people were thankful enough that they were able to read my blog posts. I was so inspired to write more.

These words of encouragement heal my broken heartedness. I am amazed on how God works His ways for me. I am so glad that I am used as His instrument in sharing His word. After confession, I feel so free and motivated to share what I know. I have returned to my very main reason why I have taken up Malikhaing Pagsulat—it is really to share God’s Word.

You are always worthy of God’s love!

How about you? Were you in doubt lately? Do you feel unworthy of anything? Go back to where you started. Always bloom where you are planted.

Sharing God’s love, 



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